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I'm not sure just how prude dA is about these things, though! I've been working on two commissions, and I finished this one. It's spherical belly inflation if you want to take a look. There are two versions btw, with different coloring methods, so you can choose! (plz don't pick sides, if you like one of them, just enjoy it without dissing the other one, I love both... they're my little kidz :( ).

NSFW warning, 18+ only:……

Not sure if I should post it/them in my gallery xD BTW, the original commission includes sexual intercourse, and since I know dA doesn't like erext pen0rz, I didn't include that character so I could put it in this journal. I chose this commission despite my usual wariness about mature content because there was one thing that I had never been asked to draw, before, that I wanted to try. And no, I don't mean a penees (I'm not really a prude, I've drawn lewd shit, but I don't post it here... well you should know that already, last year I posted at least a -really- mature content pic on tumblr (and a censored version here) if I recall correctly).

Anyway! I keep working!


That was a hectic week! The work of a month and a half had to be done in less than 7 days but it was DONE and I am so glad it was possible.

From tomorrow on I'll also draw fat women :>
Important: If you were expecting an e-mail from me, please send me a note here because it's possible that I have sent it and it got lost in the 3G webs. It happened once, I am afraid it might have happened more times, so please let me know if this has happened to you too. Thanks!
Anubis girl by Satsurou
First one of these I did as reward for the donations over 25 euros.

Since this one was for a 50 euros donation, it'll be colored eventually (when the laptop arrives xD )

I'M ACCEPTING DONATIONS FOR THE COMPUTER UNTIL THE 16th (mostly because any money after that date could arrive to my bank account after the 25th, which is when I will buy it, in hopes of getting a good offer).

Due to unexpected gofundme fees (which are reasonable, but unexpected) I am still a few euros short of it. But I am almost there!

Also, anything beyond the price of the computer will go to help me with a debt I got (long story if you don't know about it already) and to help me pay this month's bills.
After I mentioned the patreon thing I've got a few people messaging me giving me some advice and wishing me the best (which I appreciate a lot!) and... for some reason some of them they think I'm going to get like $1.5k per month from the get go. I don't even know if I'll reach that point in the long run lol.

I mean it would be nice, next year I could live in mainland Europe while attending a specialization course without having to work as a waiter or trash collector (which are respectable jobs, don't get me wrong). That would be AWESOME if I could earn that much money thanks to the patreon, but let's be realistic lol
I'm sneaking in the art school's computers to work on commissions. One of them might be ready for tomorrow!



WHICH ONE (I will play Overwatch some day) 

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